Testimonials from former seasonal workers

Good school, good atmosphere, nice working environment! I loved seeing customers from one year to the next.

28 years old – now a physiotherapist
Seasons 2012 to 2016 as chef de rang, waiter, bartender

“My experience has given me confidence, a lot of experience in surveillance and other areas (bar and entertainment), maturity, autonomy and a better level of English. The plusses: real support from the bosses, gaining experience, accommodation, team cohesion My best memory: the night-time swimming pools!”

21 years old – currently studying for a Master MEEF EPS
2019 and 2021 seasons as a lifeguard

“This season has given me a better level of English, interpersonal skills, friends. The plusses: A great atmosphere, a superb setting. Thanks to Anne and Eric for their kindness! Best memory: raft races on the lake .”

25 years old – today Commercial
2015, 2016, 2017 and 2019 seasons as host

“This season gave me customer relations skills and self-confidence, and I have very good memories of it thanks to a great entertainment team that was always in a good mood and very attentive. The plusses: very pleasant working environment, I went to work with pleasure My best memory: the family Olympics and the night pools!”

21 years old – currently studying for a Master’s degree in Sports Communication and Events
Seasons 2021 as animator

“It’s a magnificent campsite with a very good team, a very good job whether it’s for one or several summers My experience has given me a sense of teamwork and human encounters.”

37 years old – now a craftsman
2017 seasons as a technician

“The owners are passionate people, and you’ll meet some great people! My best memory: the soccer tournaments on Thursdays were great times, and the feedback from parents was a real pleasure. Dancing at the night swimming pool! Anecdote: the bosses had introduced me in front of the customers as a very good entertainer, which really boosted me for the rest of the season!”

21 years old – now Production and Animation Manager
Seasons 2019 and 2021 as soccer coach / multi-skilled entertainer

“An excellent CV reference and work experience that later opened the door to many opportunities.”

23 years old – now in sales
2017 seasons as a receptionist

“Good experience because I had to manage a team and work for foreign customers.”

39 years old – today Second de pâtisserie
2017 and 2019 seasons as second chef and chef de cuisine

“A good atmosphere, well supervised work, you feel good here.”

26 years old – today Campsite receptionist
Seasons 2016, 2017, and 2019 as a grocery salesperson and receptionist

“The plusses: Good understanding between seasonal workers, beautiful working environment, friendly and welcoming team, practice of languages, great friendships, teamwork My best memory: meeting a customer of American origin! very nice and always in a good mood. He always dropped by to say hello at reception.”

24 years old – now a French teacher in London
Seasons 2019 and 2021 as receptionist

“I learned English thanks to the predominantly English-speaking clientele and reached a level that school would never have allowed me to hope for. It doesn’t matter that my current job has nothing to do with the outdoor hospitality industry, it’s the attitudes, responsibilities, interpersonal skills and human qualities I acquired during my seasons that make up the quality of my work today. The plusses: possibility of obtaining a seasonal job before coming of age, diversity of positions offered, good quality supervision and training, possibility of obtaining more responsibility and recognition from one year to the next.”

26 years old – today Real estate appraisal managers
Seasons 2012 to 2019 as ice cream saleswoman, cleaning lady, barmaid, receptionist

“It’s a very formative experience when you enter working life, you learn quickly and it’s all part of a good teamwork dynamic. I have very fond memories of it!”

27 years old – now Sales executive for a vacation group
Seasons 2013, 2014 and 2015 as receptionist, barmaid and waitress

“This season has given me maturity, experience in a family setting and rigor. Best memory: all the encounters I made there!”

22 years old – currently studying for a Master 2 in Civil Liability and Insurance
2017, 2018 and 2019 seasons as a barmaid

“Pros: Good working conditions (hours, salary), good atmosphere among colleagues. Best memory: I really enjoyed giving French lessons to holidaymakers. Crossing the lake was also a highlight of the season!”

30 years old – currently studying for a Master’s degree in secondary education
2015 seasons as animation manager

“The plusses: A very pleasant working environment, my first job/salary, great encounters, very human teams.”

30 years old – now Recruitment Manager
2010 to 2015 seasons as a lifeguard

“La Garangeoire offers a pleasant working environment, rewarding positions with good team spirit!”

23 years old – currently studying for a Master 2 in Transportation Engineering
Seasons 2018 and 2019 as lagoon attendant and barmaid

“These experiences have given me real fluency in English. The plusses: The setting, the dynamism of the management team, the real confidence shown by Anne and Eric.

33 years old – now in charge of digital development
Seasons 2006 to 2010 as animator for 1 year, then animation manager for 3 seasons

“New skills, sharing, confidence. Full of richness, encounters and friendship.”

30 years – today English teacher and sports educator
2018 season as grocery store manager

“Motivation to succeed, a taste for teamwork. Organization, work environment. Best memory: shooting the end-of-season video!”

27 years old – now teacher
2016 and 2017 seasons as housekeeper

“The experience at La Garangeoire was my best seasonal job: not only did I learn a lot professionally and on a human level, but I also grew a lot! It’s more than just a seasonal job: it’s working in an exceptional environment, with a great team, gaining skills and autonomy, challenging yourself, and making strong friendships with your colleagues! Best memory: learning to drive the buggy and learning the Dutch anthem for the 2010 World Cup final!”

31 – present Expert in climate change and financial stability
2009 season as receptionist

“The pluses of a job at La Garangeoire: improving my English, good atmosphere, caring management, strong commitment to customer service quality.”

23 years old – now Quality, Safety and Environment Project Manager
Seasons 2014 to 2018 as ice-cream saleswoman, grocery store employee, cleaning lady

“I recommend La Garangeoire for: improving my English, good human experience with the other seasonal workers. Top management! Best memory: getting together after a day’s work with colleagues and having a good time all together.”

24 years old – now a field salesman
2017 season as front-of-house chef de rang

“A great place to grow! Best memory: learning to drive the 2010 world car!”

23 years – today Cook and pastry chef
2019 season as second and 2021 season as head chef

“Good atmosphere, respect between employees and benevolence!”

23 years old – currently studying for a Master’s degree in tourism, specializing in sustainable development
2017 and 2018 seasons as a riding school instructor

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