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Open from 16 May
to 10 September

Puy du Fou 

The Great Park of The Puy du Fou

Escape to the vast park “Puy du Fou” for an unforgettable experience with family and friends. Enjoy the fresh air in beautiful surroundings and let yourself go into this whirlwind of a Spectacular, which will take your breath away!
In the heart of the fantastic Puy du Fou Forest, immerge yourself in the ambience of a past era, relive the emotions of legendary heroes and dive into the incredible action…

The Secret of the Lance: Its 1429 and you are invited to the Grand Ball of the Puy du Fou Knights. Suddenly, we are under attack and battle breaks out turning the Ball into a theatre of war.
Equestrian acrobatics, combat and unbelievable stunts are all part of this phenomenal Spectacular.

Triumph’s Sign: In an incredible  Coliseum, let the Gladiators Games commence! Animals are released into the arena, fast and furious chariot races are held, only the strongest will survive.

The Musketeers of Richelieu: In a giant 17th century theatre, relive the romantic adventures of the famous Musketeers. A fantastic sight with heart stopping capers, horsemanship and acrobatics, flamenco ballet and plenty of special effects!

The Vikings and The An Mil Fort: Amidst the rising water and gigantic flames, the ferocious Northern warriors attack the Fort during the wedding celebrations of Alderic and Cybele. Combat reigns in a deluge of special effects and later in the ruins of the old Chateau a celestial ballet of phantoms…

And many other shows to see…

Cinéscénie of the Puy du Fou

From the end of the middle ages to the second world war…Live through almost two hours of intense emotion experiencing  700 years of history in a giant fresco. This major production mixes the most modern technology and special effects with 1200 actors! 
From June to September, only 28 performances of the Cinescenie are played out each year. If you would like to extend your experience and see this unique spectacle, please book in advance.

At Campsite la Garangeoire, we are happy to make the reservations for all of the attractions for the Grand Parc and the Cinéscénie du Puy du Fou. 

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